Virus 2006
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Virus 2006


         The ever growing IT boom in India demands the expertise of trained IT executives who can constantly support the perpetual needs of the IT industry. International Institute of Information Technology happens to be one of the prestigious technical institutes serving this purpose.

      Located amidst a wide range of software companies like the Siemens, TCS, CTS, Globsyn Technologies   and RS software limited, the International tower poses an ostentations look to one and all. Silhouetted with the innumerable IT companies in the background and the imposing look of the IBM next to it, The International Tower creates one of the most picturesque locations in the Salt Lake, Electronics complex.

      The ideal location of the institute in the industrial area of Kolkata is a major factor accounting for 100% of the students placed in the industry.

       The institute also furnishes the student with sophisticated laboratory and state of the art facilities. This enhances the technical skills of the students to make them ideal professionals for the industry.

        The faculty members of IIIT, Kolkata have vast experiences in the IT industry. Consequently the course curriculum is planned in a way which is relevant to the growing needs of the industry. The professionals also provide necessary ‘tips and tricks’ to the students in order to tackle specific problems in a manner, which is more efficient in the perspective of the industry.

       The year 2005 also witnessed another tremendous for IIIT, Kolkata in the form of signing of collaborative memorandum of understanding with companies like Satyam, Infosys, and Caretak.

       The companies also recognized International Institute of Information Technology as one of the most prestigious institute in the country imparting quality education in the field of information technology and computer science.  



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