Virus 2006
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Virus 2006

Virus 2006 – ‘Technovation’


     IIIT coins a new term Technovation that means Technology with Innovation. IIIT is going to organize the second edition of the cultural & management fest – VIRUS 2006 on the 20th and 21st of January 2006. The venues have been finalized as the IIIT Campus and Science City.

     To add colors to the fest, the end of the second day has been scheduled for a gala event at Science City which is supposed to be a Fashion Show and other cultural events.  These events will be followed by a Guest Nite.

     A tint of glamour has been added to the events making them more competitive and entertaining as well. Some of the major events scheduled are:


    • C3 – The C/C++ coding event
    • Ranbhoomi – The gaming event
    • C-the-Roach – The code debugging event
    • Hardware Assembling Treasure Hunt – A unique event with treasure hunt
    • Web-da-mania – The Website designing event
    • PowerAde – A Techno management PowerPoint presentation
    • Graphitti – A t-shirt painting event
    • Ad-spoof – A product promotional event
    • Mind BlitzKreig – The Techno management Quiz
    • Raz Matazz – Choreographed Dance
    • Mobile-da-Hungama – A Unique mobile event
    • Mind Speaks – Debate
    • Do-re-mi – An Antakhari event
    • Sur aur Saaz - A Solo Singing Event
    • InVogue – The Fashion Show
    • Srijan - Prose and Poetry writing in English
    • Dumb Charades - Silent Acting for Names
    • Qawaali - A group singing event


    Talks are already going with the top media houses in order to avail extensive media coverage not only across Kolkata, but throughout Eastern India.



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